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Tips to Make Sure Your Listing Presentation Stacks Up

Tips to Make Sure Your Listing Presentation Stacks Up

A recent Inman article written by Bernice Ross, the President and CEO of BrokerageUP and, tells the tale of three agents vying for a job and explains why the winner was ultimately chosen. It all begins with the general manager of Ross’ company recently losing her father-in-law. Her family needs to prepare to sell his home.

Ross says, “she interviewed three different agents, each of whom was a personal referral. She prepared a list of questions to ask each agent that included how they arrived at their pricing, what their unique selling proposition was, as well as their recommendations for staging the property.”

The article gives a detailed explanation of the interactions the sellers had with the three agents. We could go into all the wrong things the agents did to fail, but let’s skip to what you should do to make sure you become the winning agent.

Everyone knows that a first impression is hard to shake, so make it a good one. Ross’ article noted that the agent who got the listing arrived on time with a full packet of information, something the other two realtors did not do. Doing a walkthrough of the property with the sellers and having a detailed explanation of comparable sales in the surrounding area with the differences from the sellers’ property is also important.

Ross’ Inman article also stated the home sellers thought staging advice was an important part of the sale. “When the sellers inquired about staging, the agent suggested power washing the house so it would look bright white and trimming the hedges to let more light inside,” Ross said. “She then recommended, ‘don’t buy anything yet. I have quite a few staging items you can use. See what you like, and then if you want to add anything else, buy it then.’”

When it comes to marketing, your clients want to see a well-rounded plan. The winning agent made the sellers aware that she advertises her listings in local print magazines, newspapers, or other monthly’s along with web ads through the MLS and the portals using professional photos.

Ross said, “the agent also suggested listing at a price that would give the sellers some negotiation room but also warned the sellers to be prepared for ridiculously low offers. While the agent is legally required to present low offers, she urged them not to become upset with this buyer tactic.”

The main takeaway from this Inman article is to be as prepared as possible with the information your soon-to-be client will want to know. Ross says it’s important to be prepared to assist in staging the property, explain comparative market analysis and contracts in detail, and don’t forget to follow up after the first meeting!