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Is it Important to Get a Home Warranty When Selling Your Home?

Is it Important to Get a Home Warranty When Selling Your Home?

Having a home warranty can be an added incentive for buyers when it comes to closing on your home. A home warranty is a contract between the homeowner and a warranty company that provides repair and replacement services at a discounted rate for major components of your home.

Home warranty coverage may include issues with the air conditioning, furnace, plumbing, electrical system, and even replacement of some major appliances. Home warranties do not replace home insurance, but they are a good addition. This is especially true from the seller’s point of view. One of RE/MAX Select Realty’s partners, HSA Home Warranty, recently released the top reasons sellers should include a home warranty when listing their home.

The top reason HSA lists is that it may prevent post-sale disputes. This is beneficial to you as the seller because you won’t be held responsible. The buyer will call HSA to solve the problem. HSA also says that having a warrant is a marketing tool, “it’s an added incentive that gives your clients the edge and sets their home apart from the competition. They can get a leg up on the competition and compete with new home sales.” The other main benefit for the seller is that the cost is complimentary while the home is on the market for up to six months. The seller pays once closing is completed, meaning the buyer will get the full year of coverage.

The other reasons HSA lists mainly affect the buyer. They include failures found on the home inspection may be covered by a warranty, only dealing with one company for all your repairs provides convenience, and buyers typically request a home warranty anyways.

RE/MAX Select Realty partners with HSA because of its knowledgeable Pittsburgh area sales representatives and friendly customer service personnel who are dedicated to service excellence.

HSA has offered comprehensive home warranty plans for 30 years, adding valuable protection and convenience to homes across the country. HSA says that having one of their home warranties, “helps to safeguard sellers and buyers alike from the expense of covered mechanical and appliance failures.”

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