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Pre-Listing Home Inspections May Prevent Future Headaches for Home Sellers

Pre-Listing Home Inspections May Prevent Future Headaches for Home Sellers

Thinking of selling your home? There are a few things that you may want to do before you even list it. Something that may keep a home seller from incurring future headaches is a getting home inspection done early in the process.

It’s not hard to find articles listing the reasons why you should get a pre-listing home inspection. In this RE/MAX Select Realty blog, we’ll take you through the many pros and cons of getting an inspection before listing for sale.

U.S. News editor Devon Thorsby says, “a home inspection is traditionally known as part of the due diligence process when a home is under contract with a buyer… To avoid the unpleasant surprises a home inspection may bring to light, homeowners looking to put their house on the market can opt for a pre-listing home inspection, which provides sellers with a thorough report before the home goes on the market.”

Benefits of getting a pre-listing inspection include being able to go the DIY route and become a fixer-upper yourself or getting the contractor of your choice to make the repairs needed. You can also provide your realtor with more knowledge about your home and a better chance to price it accurately.

Bill Gassett from Max Real Estate Exposure writes, “Choosing an accurate price for your home is one of the most challenging parts of the home sales process. It takes experience and skill to find the sweet spot – too high and buyers will stay away, too low and you miss out on money from the sale. The best way to choose a price is to work with a Realtor experienced in your market. Having an inspection before your house goes on the market ensures that you have all the facts, which makes setting a price much easier.”

Having the confidence to do your own pre-listing inspection will take the worry and possible surprises to come out of listing your home. It may even give your buyer more confidence in the property.

A recent article from Inman lists even more benefits for getting that inspection done yourself. Their 7 Reasons Pre-Listing Inspections Are an Absolute Must article lists, “What you don’t know can hurt you, you might not have to fix everything, disclosure is not an unpleasant surprise, it can keep a deal together, incompetent inspectors can ruin a sale (meaning you get to pick the inspector, having a second opinion already in the bag), you’ll have a smoother transaction and a faster closing, and the home will be more insurable.”

Keep in mind, there may be cons to doing the pre-listing inspection depending on the condition of your home. First, you will have to pay for this home inspection. Second, because of disclosure laws, you’ll more than likely be legally obligated to tell possible buyers about the problems an inspector finds. Lastly, the potential home buyer will still do their own inspection. This means there may be two chances for home issues to be found.

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