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Should You Choose a Settlement Company for a Real Estate Transaction?

Should You Choose a Settlement Company for a Real Estate Transaction?

Using a settlement company for your real estate transaction makes the loan closing process more efficient and tailors it to meet the time restrictions under which your contract is operating. Real estate settlement companies work with the lenders and real estate agents of both the buyer and seller in order to facilitate the terms of a real estate contract.

RE/MAX Select Realty realized the need for a trustworthy and affordable settlement company in the Western Pennsylvania area. That’s why RSR created Keymax Settlement Services, LLC to provide the most timely, efficient, and informed title closing services.

Keymax says its company mission is to streamline the loan closing process making it more efficient and tailoring it to meet the time constraints under which its customers operate.

As helpful as a settlement company, is for buyers and sellers, real estate agents in the business also look to the company to help with a smooth closing process. Realtors say that Keymax provides one less worry during the home-buying process.

“Keymax’s Closing Coordinators are attentive, thorough, and very communicative throughout every transaction,” said RE/MAX Select Realty Agent, Dustin Hook. “This provides a great deal of comfort for my clients and everyone involved. Utilizing Keymax Settlement Services is how I assure a smooth closing each and every transaction.”

Keymax Settlement Services, LLC underwrites its title insurance policies through First American Title Insurance Company and Fidelity National Title Insurance Company. The Keymax website has many helpful tools including a Title Charge Calculator and education resources to further your knowledge.