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No Mudroom? No Problem! Solutions for Storage Stress

No Mudroom? No Problem! Solutions for Storage Stress

During a rainy or snowy day, going in the house from the garage through the back door to your mudroom to kick off your boots and hang up your coat is a stress-free way to keep the house clutter-free.

Mudrooms can help with several storage-keeping problems, like hanging backpacks after school and even being a laundry depository. Many house plans skip a mudroom and sometimes even the coat closet all together! We’ve compiled several lists and tips to help you not even notice.

This Old House magazine writers say they draw “inspiration from interior designers and builders on storing your things out in the open—or behind closed furniture-cabinet doors—for creating an organized space.”

You can find everything from a simple build that turns a tight corner into a well-used drop zone to a seating area with steps for building an entry bench with pipe fittings by clicking here.

Joy Kincaid of Artful Homemaking explains that even if you do buy a house with a coat closet, it may be in an inconvenient place.

“When we were finally able to buy a house, one of my main requirements was that it must have a coat closet,” Kincaid writes. “So, we went looking for a house with a coat closet and we found one! The only trouble was, the coat closet was right by the front door (as they usually are), and the kids wanted to go out the back door.”

Kincaid found a simple solution by adding a free-standing wardrobe to the back of her home in the dining room.

There are several other ways to add a designated "mudroom” area to your home, no matter if you have a little or a lot of space. Click here to find out 13 ways to add a mudroom, even if you don’t have an entryway!

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