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RSR Realtors Double Production After Taking Leader's Edge Training

RSR Realtors Double Production After Taking Leader's Edge Training

Leader’s Edge Training is a 7-week program that nearly 60 sales associates from RE/MAX Select Realty participated in. The group met weekly throughout the summer to learn from Chris Leader, the President of Leader’s Edge and a real estate industry trainer for more than 25 years. 

“The objective is to bring real-life, real-world selling skills to agents,” Leader said. 

He explained that the group is constantly looking at retooling and reengineering the course, “the real boots on the ground stuff. People often refer to me as a block and tackle coach. I’m the guy where you go to learn how to actually sell houses.”

The Leader’s Edge Training teaches skills based on metrics in terms of listings, sales, and dollar volume. The focus of the course is for the agents to develop relationship skills that are maybe not paid as much attention to in today’s digital culture.

“The relationships, communication, working with people, working through the challenges that are involved in almost every real estate transaction,” Leader said. “It always comes down to the emotional side that people are feeling going through that experience.”

Leader admits that the ultimate metric is still based on how many deals, houses sold, and listings that the agents can take. He still says that the way to get those numbers up is to start with human emotions.

“The selling skills and the emotional side of connecting with human beings plays such a big part in convincing someone to move forward or not move forward, persuading someone to do the right thing. Those skills are really important,” said Leader. 

Clients will ultimately go with the person they feel most comfortable with to represent them during one of the largest transactions of their life. 

Celeste Rosen and Melissa Azzarelli both took the course. They learned the importance of time management and that the way you word things can make all the difference.

“When you ask a buyer, ‘are you working with a realtor?’ It’s always a common question and they’ll say, ‘no.’” said Rosen. “He recommended asking, ‘when was the last time you worked with a realtor?’ I think that’s really important because it narrows it down.”

“I like the time management tools,” said Azzarelli. “The time management thing really helped me too because there are not enough hours in a day, as we always say. It’s always nice to figure out where your time is going.”

The group ranged from first-year agents to veteran agents like Richard Creo who’s been in the real estate business for 52 years, and with RE/MAX for 36.

“I’ve learned a lot with REMAX Select Realty. This course basically being one,” said Creo. “When you’re in this business this long, you think you know it all. I’ve learned a lot out of this specific class. The seminar was great.”

The RE/MAX Select Realty group averaged 2.18 transactions per person in their final week. That’s double the normal class average.

“The type of production that they write during those seven weeks is really career-defining. We push them through all the activities that they should be doing every day and we hold them accountable to make sure that they’re not just doing it, but they’re refining the skills as they’re going through,” Leader said. “The impact is certainly measured in the number of sales, dollar volume, and listings but it’s what happens to them after my course is over and how their careers and their life is affected.”

The 52 associates also reported 496 appointments, 282 new listings, and 222 new sales during the seven-week program.